Well, that was fun! This evening I had the, erm, pleasure(?) of watching the sex education video that my ten year old will soon be seeing.

Immediately, I’m showing my age as I think of it as a video when it is in fact a DVD. To add to this, the cartoons and somewhat cheesy 1970 footage of Mr and Mrs X making whoopie have been replaced by CGI images that where far more detailed than I had anticipated, making me feel somewhat prudish! All this, whilst sitting in the school hall surrounded by fellow parents and teachers…why did no one warn me of this?!

I obviously knew that, at some point, I would have to have the talk with my children but in none of the practice runs of this most awkward of chats that I’ve played through my mind did I anticipate a practically 3D image of boys and girls bits would be a visual backdrop to our conversation!!

Equally, although I obviously knew there was a video DVD, I hadn’t anticipated that I would be viewing it with people who I’ve seen twice a day, every week day for 36 weeks of the year for the last five years!! All in all, I think we all did very well, considering!

Unfortunately, we also got to see part two of the DVD which will be shown to them next year. In this section we not only get to see, thanks to more CGI, a simulation from penetration to conception but the footage of an actual birth of a baby – head crowning, delivery, the lot!

Needless to say, after such an enlightening yet somewhat traumatic rite of passage, I think a large one is most definitely deserved!!


FYI: Wickford parents with children starting…


Is your child ready for starting school this September?

Would you like to understand how to support your child to make this transition?

We are holding a transition information event at:

Highcliffe Children’s Centre, Rettendon View, Wickford, SS11 8JE on 21st June 10 – 11.30 am

Everyone who has a child who is due to start school in September within the Wickford area, is welcome to attend. It will also provide an opportunity to meet other parents whose children are starting school in September.

This session will be delivered by Kasey Brazier (Children’s Centre manager) and Ros Marsh (Year 2 teacher at Hilltop Infants School).

Booking is required, please call Alison Hunt at the Children’s Centre on 01268 574486 to book a place.

There will be a crèche available if required.

While searching the web for some photos to add to the above information (which I received via email from my daughter’s school) I found this fab page on the World Book Day website which I thought you may also find useful ** Great books about starting school **

If you have any tips and/or books that you think would be helpful to parents who have children starting school this year, please do post them below.

Image from http://stmarystrim.ie/