I feel this week is going to be a good one!

Firstly, the children didn’t go back to school until today and so we, technically, have a ‘short’ week which is a lovely way to start the new half term.

Secondly, I was woken up at 5am this morning by the cat trying to get in to our bedroom – this may sound like a negative but between the efforts of my cat (trying to get in for sneaky cuddles in bed), my youngest (feeling lonely and needing to squeeze in the middle aka hog the whole bed) and Mr F (either waking me up when coming to bed or by snoring when he is in bed), this is actually a lie in, so not a bad start!

After my usual routine of lying there trying to get off to sleep again and then giving up and going on facebook, I had a the pleasure of finding that the very talented Chandi from  Expressions Fiber Arts had posted a fabulous rainbow yarn giveaway! You can find out more details here but, in case the words rainbow and yarn were not enough to get you flying to her blog here is a photo of what she is giving away!

Expression Fiber Arts Nov Giveaway

Part of the giveaway requirements is to tell Chandi why you love yarn, here is what I wrote

“I LOVE YARN! Whether new or old, it’s like holding memories in your hands – soft, warm, gentle, joyous memories of people and times gone by or anticipation of those yet to come!”

Just thinking about why I love yarn, without a bit of it in sight, made me feel really happy and brought a big smile to my face as I recalled all the lovely knitted cardigans, scarves, dolls clothes, even a dressing gown once, knitted by my lovely Nanny. Even though they have all since been passed on to other children, the memory of her giving them to me and the excitement and joy I had wearing them or playing with my dollies new clothes is a fresh as if it were yesterday!

I then spotted that my lovely Cousin Susan who lives in Australia had tagged me in a post.  We have been posting back and forth over the last week or so commenting on various visual illusion photos posted by Craft Corner which you can see here.  As a return challenge for me she tagged me in this photo challenge from Linda Campbell Melton (which she admitted she had needed to use a magnifying glass for!).

Find the black and white cat

In the conversation that followed, Cousin Susan commented out of the blue on how much fun our Nanny, who we have never talked about together before, would have had with these challenges! That, combined with her comment about needing to use a magnifying glass to find the cat, triggered another lovely memory of my Nanny using her white, pearlised magnifying glass to read knitting patterns! My Mum still has the magnifying glass and it is used regularly, so it is always around in the kitchen or the sitting room of her house and every time I pick it up, it is like I am holding my Nanny’s hand.

Magnifying Glass

So thanks to Chandi and my Cousin Susan, I started the day and my ‘working week’ with a rainbow of glorious colours and a warm and cosy feeling as if sat on my Nanny’s lap, wrapped in her arms!




 YB1We would like to have a Yarn Bombing art event on the trees at Grange Primary School, Wickford at the end of the June 2013.


Can you help by knitting* or crocheting squares or scarves for us to put together to decorate some of our trees? We have wool at school if anyone needs please, come to the office to collect a ball or two. It is also a great opportunity to teach your children to knit! If anyone could spare the time to come in over lunch to help some children to knit squares that would also be brilliant.


 It would be very exciting if we could make this a community project so if anyone has a neighbour or friend who could help us that would be fabulous.


Thank you from Miss Corderoy (Headteacher, Grange Primary School)

* If you can’t knit or crochet, how about making some pom poms instead? Go HERE for a link to a super simple tutorial that anyone could do.

(For more amazing images of yarn bombing including busses, tanks, trees, pianos, cars and many more, visit Google Images)