This morning started bright and breezy and I felt inspired to get out into the garden for the first time this year. In true Miriam style, I faffed around until the sun had returned to the comfort of his blanket of cloud but I was determined to make a start on the front bed.


I am waiting for some wild flower seed tape from Simple Sowing (who I found out about from a letter from the RHS which included a 25% discount code!) and am hoping to turn last year’s attempt at a mini wild flower meadow into an actual mini wild flower meadow!

Friend or foe?Pretty much as soon as I started pulling up all the grass, dead wild flowers and…um…weeds, I found I was not alone! There were loads of both of these little creatures, along with the usual worms, snails, slugs, etc but were they friend or foe? I have a feeling that the brown one is a Leather Jackets but the colouring doesn’t seem to be right.  I posted the above photo on twitter to see if any of my gardening followers could advise and so far, only one reply to say both are foes (thanks Viv). However, as I am not so keen on bumping creatures off,  until I get some more confirmation of their friend or foe status, they shall get a reprieve!

I did, however, have a more welcome companion while I was attempting to clear the ground whilst not slicing any of the juicy worms in half, my neighbours cat.  Isn’t he a beauty?!

My gardening companion

In addition to my gorgeous feline companion, I  am very pleased to say there was another little creature who joined me. I noticed a little ladybird on one of the plants I pulled up and thought it was dead. However, I decided that a) his shell looked quite bright to belong to a dead ladybird and b) felt sad that this little creature was now laying in the mud, so I picked him up and carefully dropped him in the middle of the clump of grass that I had decided not to dig up – it would make a great home or, if he was dead, a peaceful resting place. How happy I was when, five minutes later, I spotted him checking out his new abode!

Ladybird RescueAfter about an hour of clearing and digging, interspersed with nice catch ups with a couple of my neighbours, I felt I had made a reasonable start to the gardening season.  I have left the big clump of grass, aka Ladybird Villas and some self seeded Red Valerian (I’ve been waiting for it to float over from my neighbour’s garden since we moved in in 2007!), aka Bee Central both of which I think will add to the wild/meadow effect I am hoping for.

AfterI didn’t do as much as I had planned when I looked out the window at the sunshine this morning but, as my rather achy, upper arms will confirm, I had done enough to feel pleased.