For sometime now I have been thinking of changing the name of my blog from TinyTalkMiriam to both reflect the content so far and what I am hoping the content will become. As those of you who have already read my earlier posts will know, I set up the blog by accident (I’m not the most technologically minded of people) and so I didn’t really think about the name or whether I was actually up to writing a blog. 

Time has passed and although I am still involved in TinyTalk and love baby signing, I have realised that my skills also lie in writing about the little things that sometimes matter not a lot but sometimes matter, almost, more than words can say! So, after much consideration and consultation from my fellow bloggers, TinyTalk colleagues, facebook likers, twitter followers, friends and family, I chose to call my blog More Miriam.

I will explain more about the reasons behind my choice in a moment but first here are some of the alternatives that were suggested: Miriam’s Mutterings, Miriam’s Musings, Miriam’s Marvels (can you see a theme here?!), something including marbles as I love them and even Marvellous Miriam – I was obviously feeling ultra confident that day!

So, why More Miriam? Well, I run a TinyTalk baby signing franchise and am very proud that I part of my business involves working in partnership with one of our local Children’s Centres to provided six week baby signing introductory courses.  Just before Christmas 2011, the Children’s Centre came up with a lovely idea whereby they asked the families who used the centre to write their Christmas wishes for the centre for the following year on a pretty paper bauble. These were then stuck on a display board in the entrance which was decorated with a Christmas tree.  Amongst several baubles with wishes such as ‘Events on Saturdays for working Mum’s and Dad’s’ and ‘We love the messy play sessions, please keep these’ there was one which read, simply ‘More Miriam’.  

These two little words filled me with pride and made me smile! I have worked hard to build up my business, so it was great to have this recognised by one of my clients in addition to being noted and displayed by one of my partners.  ‘More Miriam’ was written by a mum who came along to my classes and has since become a friend. She is one of those rare people who are what I call, beautiful like a stick of rock – their beauty runs all the way through, inside and out! To receive such a great comment from such a lovely lady, really meant something to me.

I chose to use her wish as my blog name because it symbolises what I wish my blog to be – simple, honest, funny but most importantly about the things that matter to me.

I hope that you will enjoy reading the newly named More Miriam!