FAME…at last!

Am really proud to have been asked by Joanne Dewberry (http://joannedewberry.co.uk/) to write a piece for her series ‘A Day in the Life of…’

So far, I have had lots of very positive and flattering comments about it!  Am also very chuffed that I seem to be inspiring lots of people to make a little time in their life for…Ice cream Tuesday!


http://joannedewberry.co.uk/category/day-in-the-life-of/ Miriam Faulkner!!



Is it wrong to love a comfrey plant?  I think it may be but how can I not bestow my affections on something that provides me with so much joy a dozen or more times a day? 

Strangely, this love has only blossomed this year despite having owned the plant (well, it started as several roots but I planted them into one pot) for about two or three years.  I bought it in a bid to produce my own comfrey ‘tea’ to aid my efforts at growing my own veg.  However, the only tea that my veg have seen has been the cups of PG Tips (other brands are available but I don’t like them!) that I consume by the bucket load everyday!

Initially, I put the pot in the back garden but not a lot happened, just the odd weedy looking leaf.  Then earlier this, for reasons I can not remember now, I moved it to the flower bed by our front door and it absolutely loves it!  It is this fantastic, gloriously green master piece of a plant that shouts to the world – someone who loves and grows plants lives here!!!  We’ve recently painted our front door a lovely sea green/sage green colour and it sets the comfrey plant off a treat!  And, to top it all, the flowers are really pretty and I have never been past the plant where there aren’t at least two bumble bees busy at work collecting their pollen. 

I am truly amazed that something as simple as a plant and give me such a buzz both emotionally and literally, thanks to the bees, every time I walk past it!

For more information about comfrey, check out this information page from the website allotment.org.uk http://www.allotment.org.uk/vegetable/comfrey/comfrey.PDF