It seems I may have inadvertently started to potty train my little man! 

I was hoping to hang on until next summer when he will be three, as I am keen to avoid the stop start situation that starting early can bring.  Mr TinyTalkMiriam (Mr T for short!)  is keen to start soon, mainly as our daughter asked for knickers when she was just two and two weeks later was dry but also to cut down on the amount of black bags we put out each week (this slightly obsessive love of recycling could be the subject of another blog!)! So, while we have been discussing our plan of action, we have been vaguely talking to him about going to the toilet and trying to get him to sit on it before his bath.

To date, he has shown zero interest in either going to or sitting on the toilet except that when we go into the toilet, he gets to wash his hands which is one of his favourite past times – he can often been heard asking anyone who will listen if they want a wee!  As I am hoping to put the whole process off for a year, I am not too bothered by this disinterest! However, in a fit of desperation last night, the pull ups came out and potty training in reverse* began!

So, what generated such desperation? Well, Mr T was away on business and I was pooped after spending the first night he was away chasing the cat around the house in the middle of the night trying to get him to take the mouse he had brought in back out and then spent the second night enjoying the wonder that is sharing my bed with a two year old!  Bedtime came and my little man started his latest post ‘night night, sleep tight’ routine – shouting for me at the top of his voice!  I successfully ignored this while watering the garden (even though I could hear people walking past our fence chuckling at his outbursts!) however, when he started shouting NAPPY! I thought I had better investigate.

I opened his door to find him standing up in his cot, beaming at me while one hand pointed to the nappy on the floor and the other was busy discovering the joy that is one’s half naked body!  A very cross Mummy explained that this was not on, that it was late and that it was time for sleep all the while putting on another nappy. 

Three nappies later, I was desperate!  What on earth could I do? I was certainly not up for a night of endless nappy changes! Suddenly I remembered the bag of pull up nappies that I had bought in error a while back when in a rush and subsequently thrown to the back of the cupboard!

With much excitement and enthusiasm, I asked him if he would like to wear some big boy pants. I pointed out the very exciting red car on the front and helped him to step into them. Well, he was SO excited! He kept patting them and smiling and wouldn’t let me put his pyjama bottoms back on, so he could keep looking at the picture! I gave him a big kiss and said goodnight.  And, joy of joys, heard not a peep until 6.40 this morning! The nappy was wet and had leaked a little (as pull ups are designed to let the babies know they are wet) but he was happy and I was pleased to have had a full nights sleep!

So, when my little man started shouting nappy again this evening, I put the pull ups on on my very first visit!  As a total bonus, while he was still half naked I asked him if he wanted to go to the toilet to do a wee and he said yes!  I sat him on the loo and, for the first time ever, he sat comfortably on the seat for a minute or so – previously he would either cry before you even got to the loo or do that excellent plank movement that is usually reserved for avoiding going into the pram and/or car seat.  There was no wee, but he was SO chuffed with himself! We washed our hands, went back to his room and put on his big boy pants and tucked him into bed.

So far, I have not had to go back into him and I am really excited to see what has happened tomorrow morning.  Wouldn’t it be brilliant if I manage to potty train my little man albeit in reverse?!


*Generally, when potty training, toddlers are dry during the day first and then, some time later, are dry at night so parents focus on day time potty training first. We seem to be bucking convention and doing it the opposite way round!